records of places



"The stories of Connie Dekker's grandmother and grandfather in Narrow Roads to Far Provinces and the poetic fragments of F. van Dixhoorn in the video Zeeland, blur the boundaries between them and the surrounding landscape and in their lost sense of time, past events have no chronological order"

video: Zeeland 2000 - 2004

Narrow Roads to Far Provinces - Opa / Grandfather

opa video still

Video takes of conversations with my grandfather Kees Dekker (102). He was filmed at home, on the island Tholen in the province of Zeeland.


Zeeland - text by F. van Dixhoorn

zeeland vidoe still

Fuyumi Namioka: 'Connie Dekker made a video which is a narrative approach of Zeeland. It is about the memory of her childhood, the big flood in 1953, her mother, her deceased father, her grandmother, the landscape surrounded by the sea. It is her homage for this place of Heavy Reformist Church and mussels fisherman's islands.'


diaporama: retrogarde poetics 2014 - 2016

Dekker made a series of entr'acte diaporama's of found objects like a box of Ribbons, Arcopal bowls, French Vallauris vases.

Also landscape photographs are made into series of music diaporama's. Dekker made diaporama views in ao Tuscany; curtains before an arched window move through the room on the tramonte wind. The latest series are music diaporama's of a series of trees in a French garden in a late summer storm.


etude - arcopal lullaby

The Arcopal Lullaby diaporama is accompanied by Bach’s Für Elise; an extreme popular piece of music for an extreme popular series of dinnerware ;-) Arcopal dinnerware first appeared in 1958. Dekker started to collect Arcopal in 2008 at brocante’s in the Allier, France.


arcopal lullaby


etude - 115 ribbons - 624 emily dickinson

Fragments of Poem 624, published in 1890 by Emily Dickinson, accompany a sequence of 115 Ribbons. The ribbons are dated from 1910 to 1940 in the handwriting of days gone.


115 ribbons - 624 emily dickinson