swan swarm embroideries

The swans series are a 10 years research on embroidery in which the same theme has been developed in all its possible patterns.

The embroideries refer to the domestic, tents and big sized curtains generate a sleepy world, the effect is reinforced by countless repetitions of stitches and swans, swans and stitches. The works expand, discover and devour the edges of space. In fact, here the perimeters of space are being embroidered.
The fabric, by unfolding, covers up the existing architecture and creates a quiet enclosure similar to an oasis for the soul.

Through the repetitive and numerous stitches, one tends to loose the notion of time; shreds of thought between expectation and
memory are being stitched into the fabric with needle and thread. They’re not readable but might be picked up by an attentive spectator.