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Drawings - Are you at home #1

Drawings, trees and hermits

  • size: A1
  • paper: Old Holland

Studio view

  • size: from A3 to 2m00 x 1m30
  • paper: Kraft
studio view, drawing, are you at home
trees and hermits

Are you at home?

  • size: A3, view on studio wall A4
  • paper: Kraft

I’m not there

  • size: 100 x 0.70 m
  • paper: Fabriano, Molotow ink
Dekker, Drawing, Are you at home?

I am delighted that this drawing has been given a place in the 12th edition of The Large Dutch Art Calendar 2024.


Exposition Drawings

Are you at home?

Espace Culturel La Pléiade, Commentry

The series of drawings are inspired by a fascination for 15th-16th century engravings of woods, the oak trees in the Allier, hermits, rocks and trees, butoh dansers, a priest in Indonesia—