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2004, Tholen, Zeeland

My granddad and mum discussing daily life


Short Introduction

Video takes of short conversations between my mother and my grandfather Kees Dekker (102). He was filmed at home, on the island Tholen in the province of Zeeland.

The video is realized in collaboration with

My grandfather Cornelis Dekker, My mother Engeltje van Felius – van Ast, Dick van Felius, Samuel – Fuyumi Namioka


My grandfather and me

Connie Dekker and her grandfather. Photo by Samuel – Fuyumi Namioka


3:45 min

A new cap

0:32 min

watch the video Zeeland

The video is about the memory of Connie’s childhood, the big flood in 1953, her mother, her deceased father, her grandmother, the landscape surrounded by the sea.