performance – waiting

Performance Waiting by Connie Dekker at Museum for Contemporary Art Palazzo Fabroni, Italy.

A girl is holding a large bowl in her arms. Steadily from above, drops of water fall down. As time passes, the bowl fills up, transforming water into sound.

Approaching this scene, one discovers traces of an embroidery on the girls dress. The stitches are spread all over it and long threads emerge, circulating in the room, establishing a contact between our reality and the work.

During the years the artist continues to work on the embroidery of this piece.

The Waiting… performances were held at:

2001 Museum for Contemporary Art Palazzo Fabroni, Pistoia, Italy by Connie Dekker
2000 Artist space Ceasuur, Middelburg, the Netherlands by Connie Dekker
1999 Artist space de Paraplufabriek, Nijmegen, the Netherlands by Eva Villanueva
1999 Civic Museum Bevagna and Civic Museum Trevi, Italy by Gisella Zanmatti