performance lo soffia il cielo, cosi

The performance, Lo soffia il cielo, cosí, for 6 girls, 6 poets and 20 balloons was performed for the first time in 2003 at the Rocca of Carmignano.

Lo soffia il cielo, cosí, is a multifaceted performance for individual figures, each of which seems to offer itself as a double of another; apparitions of a repeated singularity that was reflected in the graphic and conceptual elaboration of poetic words that were both repetitive and diverse, destined to float away into the sky.

Each balloon held a written word, and each series formed a phrase: variations on the theme of waiting and absence, drawn from the contributions of five Dutch poets, requested by the artist on an example of Baudelaire.

F. van Dixhoorn, Melle Hammer, Hans Kloos, K. Michel, F. Starik
Video by Lelio Aiello

Thank you all for participating!

2003 Rocca of Carmignano
Il cantiere d’arte Alberto Moretti, Raul Dominguez, curatore Saretto Cincinelli, Desdemona Ventroni. Regione Toscana “TRA ART”, Comune di Carmignano, Provincia di Prato, C.Arte Luigi Pecci di Prato, Vaia Balekis, Silvia Beggio, Laura Facchini, Laura Mauran, Francesca Reger,

2006 Monssummano Alto
Giovanna Uzzani, Marco Giori, Comune di Monsummano, Maria Pia Suma, Cinzia Ancilotti, Lidia d’Errico, Valentina Grazzini, Serenella Monti, Deborah Pellegrino, Erica Quarri, Lelio Aiello, and many others

To read about all contributors and participants: see end of movie
Special thanks to Don Peppo, we used his sacristy as a dressingroom and Assunta, the only person who is born on the Rocca and still lives on the Rocca. She is in the possession of a gun and dozens of dogs who were kept in for the day…Assunta shows up on 6:39