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Video project for Leikskólinn Barnaból

Nes Artist Residency invited artist AnneMarie van Splunter from Amsterdam out of 32 applications from 18 countries, to come to Skagaströnd and create a retrospective film about the 35th anniversary of the local preschool Leikskólinn Barnaból.

Connie Dekker, also artist from Amsterdam, came with her and made portraits of all people filmed →

AnneMarie about the making of the videofilm:

The concept of the film (inspired by the wish of Þórunn Bernódusdóttir, headmistress of Leikskólinn Barnaból, to include as many as possible children and their families) was to film as many people as I could find in a month who are or were involved at the preschool from 1977 up until now.

A call for former pupils and staff was made on the Skagaströnd website, posters, and Twitter. Many adults and children responded and arranged meetings with sisters, brothers or relatives, as far as in Blondúos, Sauðárkrókur and Reykjavik: 88 portraits! Some children showed a special interest and came with a favourite hat or wanted to be filmed on a special location.

I asked them to swivel around with stretched arms, the camera-lens pointed towards them. The preschool children held the camera while they sat on an office chair, the babies on the lap of the teacher. The chair was pushed around by their friends, which often lead to hilarious scenes.
Young children have short arms, the camera takes a close-up of their faces. Scenes with more grown-ups, with longer arms, show more of the surroundings: their home, the sea, Skagaströnd’s church, the harbour.

Local music teacher, Hugrún Sif Hallgrímsdóttir composed a beautiful waltz to the rotating images and performed it on piano, flute and accordion with her husband Jón Olafur Sigurjónsson on guitar in their studio.

The film is edited to the beat of the music:  image and sound interact, evoking an idea of a festive reunion, a waltz through time and generations. It’s a  celebration: Happy Anniversary Leikskólinn Barnaból!!