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“Hefur ƥú veriđ á Leikskólanum Barnabóli?”


Wonderful, 80 people have been twirling our camera! One week to go, we aim for another 80!
Our calls for Barnabollers on websites, Twitter and announcement in the throbbing heart of town, supermarket Samkaup,
have resulted in emails from as far as Saudarkrokar, Blonduos, Reykjavik and New York!

(Been) In Barnaból and not been filmed yet? It only takes 2 minutes and there’s no talking involved.

You can meet us, on every schoolday we are outside Grunnskoli from 10 – 10.30 AM, or you can make an appointment by email: annemarievansplunter@orange.nl,  call: 0031613018821 or Skype: annemarie van splunter

More information is on the website of Skagaströnd or in the Húnahorniđ.


If you want your image removed from the weblog, please, notify us on our email address.


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