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AnneMarie van Splunter

AnneMarie van Splunter (1962), visual artist, graduated in Monumental Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam works and lives and works in Amsterdam.

Her work has many appearances: everything is made for a specific place, a specific use of space, a specific occasion. It may be a carpet of salt, or plinths of sugar (temporarily existing installations ) or a steel park-gate, or iriscident glass floating on water (commissioned work, among others, by the Government Buildings Agency).

AnneMarie’s spatial work in context is monumental and conceptual, yet poetic and appealing to the senses. Her meticulous use of materials may evoke an immaterial idea. To her it is important that a design is clear in idea and execution and she likes the result to appeal to a broad audience. She is versatile and combines sensitivity to new technologies and materials with a great passion for children’s playgrounds, walls, poetry, people’s history and genius loci.

Some of AnneMarie most remarkable projects are the concrete playmodules for a primary school (a sculptural, playful installation which offers a wonderful multitude of ways to interact with it – sitting, lying on your tummies, sliding, reading a book…as well as the modules enabling a number of ways for configuring shapes) and her playground design Rubbertree, made of re-used cartyres, for refugee children in Thailand that won a Honorable Mention in Innovation in a competition of GoPlay! and Architecture for Humanity.

Recently she made her first video documentary about the 9 year old pupils of her sons class in primary school. The children were filmed in their homes when they opened their curtains to start the day. The film of 8,5 minutes length shows 21 children from different color and background, 21 different curtains and 21 different views on a small part of Amsterdam citycenter: an optimistic welcoming of a new day, accompanied by Bill Withers’s song “Lovely Day”.

Link to website: AnneMarie van Splunter