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The videofilm is online!

I am happy to invite you to take a look.

duration: 8 minutes

Synopsis “BARNABÓL 35, a village waltz” :

The preschool in Skagaströnd, a village of 500 inhabitants on the northcoast of Iceland, celebrates it’s 35-th anniversary.
NES artist residency commissioned visual artist AnneMarie van Splunter from the Netherlands to make a retrospective film.
AnneMarie asked 88 pupils and staff who are or were at Leikskólinn Barnaból between 1977-2012 to swivel around with the film camera.

Local music teacher Hugrún Sif Hallgrímsdóttir composed and performed with her husband Jón Olafur Sigurjónsson a beautiful waltz to the rotating images of children and adult’s faces.

The film is edited to the beat of the music: image and sound interact, evoking an idea of a festive reunion, a waltz through time and generations. It’s a celebration: Happy Anniversary Leikskólinn Barnaból!!

During our 3 weeks residence at NES in Skagaströnd I took a photograph of Prophetess Mountain every day. Then I accompanied AnneMarie to (pre) school to make portraits of each of the children who twirled in front of the camera. Light striking the snow or ice surface was reflected back on the faces of the children, thus giving their skin an extraordinary translucent effect.

I have made a selection of 3 photographs out of 88 to present on our weblog. The series as a whole became a new entity of work within my oeuvre. Thank you all so very much: NES, AnneMarie van Splunter and the children of Skagaströnd.

How sweet is this! Thank you, lovely children and great staff. It was a privilige getting to know you!