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Connie Dekker is working on her new website. It is a portfolio website which features large size photographs of her work. The site is still in progress, text is not added yet.

Fest Miden presents 20 videoart works from 11 countries at Kalamata Railway Park

arcopal lullaby

Press Release

Miden participates in Kalamata Street Festival (Kalamata Railway Park, 28-31 July 2016) presenting 20 videoart works from 11 countries, in two screening programs. The first program, entitled VJ (curated by Margarita Stavraki) presents 13 videos of different aesthetic forms, that deal with the human entity and highlight scenes and objects of everyday life. The second program, under the title Fatal Error (curated by Gioula Papadopoulou) presents 7 digital videoart works based either on signal & image transformation or on 3d representations which create imaginary, artificial worlds, illustrated through the personal gaze and the aesthetics of each artist. The screenings will take place at Railway Park on Sunday, 31 of July (19:00-21:00h)

Rethinking the Medium: the phantom of the drawing is not intended as a traditional exhibition on drawing, but on what we have defined as its phantom.

invitation exhibition

exhibiton view LITTLE ITALY - an installation by Massimo Barzagli - participating artists: Tiziana De Felice, Francesco Benedetti, Connie Dekker

Watch the installation Little Italy

little italy with massimo barzagli

At the expo/manifesto DOPPIO CONCENTRATO you'll find takeaway kopies of my drawings from the series "I love and am loved" - there'll be a performance of Martina & Tiziana De Felice, work of Massimo Barzagli, Sheela Nah Gig & many others @Galleria Antonella Villanova and Galleria Frediano Farsetti. Thank you so much Massimo! Watch here: "I love and am loved"

I love and am loved

There is a well known tradition in landscape painting in my native Holland, by painters as Ruysdael, Potter and Koekoek. Their outlook in combination with the pastoral tradition in a line of poets such as Theocritus, Virgilius, Jean of France, Sannazarro and more recently John Clare, Emily Dickinson, became the guidance for this project.

A photography project on the hermits who live on the estate of a well to do landlord in France and have no desire to return to the world. Read more

In February 2012 I travelled to Iceland with AnneMarie van Splunter . AnneMarie received a grant to make a video about the (ex) pupils of the preschool Barnabol in Skagaströnd on the occasion of their 35 years Jubilee. You will find our experiences on our blog Notes on Iceland

In Iceland I inititated two photography projects.

Every morning I walked to the end of our street, where the road to the mountains starts, and took a series of photographs of Prophetess Mountain.

prophetess mountain

After the Prophetess Mountain seesion, I accompanied AnneMarie to (pre) school to make portraits of each of the children who twirled in front of the camera. Light striking the snow surface was reflected back on the faces of the children, thus giving their skin an extraordinary translucent effect.

I have made a selection of The series as a whole became a new entity of work within my oeuvre. Thank you all so very much: NES, AnneMarie van Splunter and the children of Skagaströnd.

The seascapes of Zeeland are presented in juxtaposition with videotakes of my grandmother Mina van Ast (87), my grandfather Kees Dekker (102) and neighbour Marien de Ronde (78). This link gives a photographic impression of the installations.
To watch the videotakes go to video section or click the following links:
'Potatoes' and 'A new cap'

opa en grevelingendam

Lo soffia il cielo, cosí is a performance for individual figures, each of which seems to offer itself as a double of another; apparitions of a repeated singularity that was reflected in the graphic and conceptual elaboration of poetic words written on balloons destined to float away into the sky.

Yael Davids Face, Seila Kameric Dream House, Ange Leccia La Mer, Pobert Pettena One Drop, Mark Lewis Algonquin Park, Farid Rahimi Fujii, Sophie Whettnall Over the Sea, Shadow Boxing Kan Xua In Focus. Out Focus, 100 Times, Cyprien Gaillard Real Remnant of Fictive War V, Guido van der Werve, Nummer acht Everything is going to be alright, Michael von Ausswolff –Thomas Nordanstad Hashima, Al Qasr, Bahriyah Oasis, Sigurdur Gudjonsson Bleak, Connie Dekker Zeeland

The series 'Within Prayers' seeks to activate the imaginary world of believers.

Selected prints from the cartoon series My Japanese Family are in the permanent collection of Central Booking, New York: Central Booking is a space in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NYC, focusing on artist's books and prints and their integration into the larger art world, visit the series of prints or visit the cartoons on my website