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Further On (Up The Road)

This serie lead you to the periphery of Rome, where Dekker tracks down the old Roman roads, among others: the via Aurelia, via Flaminia, via Cassia, via Appia, via Tiburtina and the via Nomentana.

Songlines of lyrics accompany the pictures concerning all the aspects of wandering.

In 2002 Dekker started to send her first "virtual postcards" from Tuscany as a way to remain in contact with friends. Through the images she returns to the places where she has lived. All together they became a diary.







Note: 'The engineers of ancient Rome built an unparalleled network of roads in the ancient world. Approximately 50,000 miles (80,000 km) of roads spanned the Roman Empire, spreading its legions, culture and immense influence throughout the known world. The old saying "all roads lead to Rome", simply couldn't have been truer.'


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