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Calls from Home

Harbour Skagaströnd, Iceland


Today’s my birthday. My family calls from home. I stand in front of the  kitchen window at the studio in Skagaströnd. Of course we use Skype and through the webcam I show my mother a tiny piece of Skagaströnd, the mountains beyond and a large stretch of the sea. Modern times…

At the other end I imagine my mother in her little house behind the dyke which protects our village. If you walk the narrow concrete stairs up the dyke you’ll see  the harbour which opens to the Oosterschelde, a sea arm of the North Sea. Worlds apart, Bruinisse and Skagaströnd, but in the community life I see many similarities. Maybe that’s why it seems as if Skagaströnd feels like a second coat notwithstanding the exotic scenery.

Harbour Bruinisse, the Netherlands

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