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Around and around

With the infinite patience of the Barnaból staff we almost finished the film shootings and photographs on the preschool premises.
The background with the clouds above the sea and land gives an Icelandic light and touch to the photographs. The strong wind makes it hard to photograph and find this nano second in which faces are free of the wild waving bristles of hair.

All children we know by name by now, and we became familiar faces to them. “Sorry, Birgitta, you have already been filmed twice!”
We’ve mostly been filming and photographing outside. The children wear colourful ski suits, cute two pointed caps and make quite an exotic contrast with the black sand in the sandpit.

Our new filmlocation is the Grunnskoli where children enthousiastically line up to take turns twirling around the videocam.
Brosa!! Smile and turn!

We take advantage of every village activity to pop THE all important question: “Hefur ƥú veriđ á Leikskólanum Barnabóli?”
About some hundreds former pupils and teachers on our lists to go! Where are they?

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